The Top Real Estate Blogs and Websites

Photo Courtesy of 123RFNowadays, it seems that the Internet can give you the answer to just about any question you may have. A Google search yields countless information, served up by blogs, websites, and social media websites. This holds particularly true for commercial real estate and related topics. So, how do you filter through this barrage of information to find the websites that deliver quality and reliable information? Finding the most bookmark-worthy websites on the web can be like trying to find needles in a haystack.

To narrow down your search, following is a list of top websites that consistently deliver the hottest news about the real estate industry. These websites share common characteristics: they’re interesting, succinct, reliable, and well-written. Some of them even feature photos to complement the news stories, which is essential in the visuals-driven industry of real estate.

If you are looking to collect the very best news in real estate, then be sure to bookmark the following websites and blogs.

The Real Deal

Heralded as a top source of real estate news, The Real Deal delivers a steady stream of news on a daily basis. Its name is no misnomer, as it definitely gives you the real deal on real estate. Its news stories are accompanied by vivid photos. Not surprisingly, The Real Deal is a go-to source of news for many agents because it’s both comprehensive and timely. As an added bonus, it regularly features polls and charts that present key industry trends.

Crain’s New York Business

This prominent website should be included to round out the real estate queue. It focuses primarily on the prevailing New York City real estate industry trends and delivers top news stories.

The Commercial Observer

The Commercial Observer is concise and informative, highlighting the major commercial deals that have been sealed. An essential resource for commercial real estate agents, include this notorious blog in your queue if you want to keep informed about the latest commercial leasing transactions in NYC.


LandlordTenantLawfirms expounds upon the technical details of both residential and commercial leases. The website focuses on the process of making a deal from start to finish. It can be used as a lease encyclopedia of sorts, and is a must-read for tenants and landlords alike.

An excellent how-to guide for the business world, features articles that deliver on-point and insightful advice. Its solid team of eloquent writers clearly knows the ins and outs about the business world. Such topics include running a business, finance, leadership and managing, sales and marketing, technology, and innovation.

Real Estate Marketing Blog

As all real estate agents know, marketing is a key part of real estate. This blog gives excellent tips on how to effectively create a marketing platform for your firm and/or listings. Specifically tailored to the real estate industry, you can learn how to manage your social media content, blogging platforms, videos, and more.

Office Design Gallery

Want to feast your eyes on some captivating office designs? The Office Design Gallery is devoted to showcasing offices that get experimental with their interior decor and layouts. These workspace designs reach the very heights of innovation and are designed to inspire creativity in teams of employees. If you’re looking for some office design inspiration, you’ve come to the right place with this eye-catching blog.

Calculated Risk

This widely-acclaimed blog is on the radar of top real estate professionals and economists, and for good reason too. Its author, Bill McBride, has an uncanny way of using his own calculations to detect trends in the housing market and the economy. If you want to keep tabs on the ebb and flow of the housing market, then be sure to follow MrBridge’s projections.

A Student of the Real Estate Game

Joe Stampone, the writer of this thriving blog, uses wit and candor to address a variety of real estate-themed topics. Want real estate investing advice or information on how to thrive as a real estate professional? Then tune in for an insider’s perspective.

Do you have any real estate resource websites you’d like for us to feature? Please share with us! You can submit your recommendation(s) in the comments below.

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  1. Great list. I’ll definitely check some of these out.

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