Using Pinterest for Real Estate | Pin with a Purpose and Get Creative

Capstone Pinterest PageSocial media is taking up the world by storm, fast becoming the medium through which information is shared. Thanks to websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Linkedin, among others, we are now as interconnected and “plugged in” as ever. Businesses are including these websites in their social media arsenal to promote their services and products.

The real estate industry, in particular, has seen a recent surge in social media activity. Many firms now manage blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and Pinterest accounts. Each website serves its own purpose. For instance, whereas Facebook can be used to funnel information to a target audience, Pinterest can be used to expose photographs to an audience. Used together, a firm can cultivate a well-rounded social media platform, which is essential in business.

Browse the “Architecture” category of Pinterest and you’ll see how its interface seems designed for real estate. Real estate is driven by visuals. People are motivated to buy, or lease, mainly through the images they see. In fact, the well-known idiom, “a photo is worth a thousand words,” is the hallmark of real estate marketing. For instance, when you browse listings, are you moved more by the text or the photos? Most likely, it is the photos that grab and sustain your attention.

How should real estate firms maximize their Pinterest potential? In Pinterest 101: Strategy in 5 Easy Steps, social media expert Ali Maldoff advises that a real estate firm should “pin” with strategy. Aim to add value to people’s lives when you’re pinning. Don’t just pin your listings; rather, pin photos of attractions in the area as well. Pin with a purpose and get creative. After all, when clients are scoping for spaces, they are also looking at the neighborhood, its people, and their lifestyles. Your Pinterest page should be a photographic guidebook, visually capturing the essence of the surrounding neighborhood.

Maldoff also mentions another valid point. Since Pinterest is a social medium, users should be interactive when using the website. You must engage fellow Pinterest users by commenting, ‘repinning,’ ‘liking,’ and ‘following’ other boards. People love feedback, and will reciprocate in kind if you deliver your thoughts and opinions. In my own experience of using Pinterest, people share some remarkable photos of real estate. It’s an endless source of inspiration in office design.

Capstone Realty Advisors has a Pinterest page, which we update on a consistent basis. Our page features a collage of office spaces, cutting-edge office designs, and attractions in New York City. We also feature photos of innovative offices that have devised creative ways to bolster productivity in the workplace. View our collections to get ideas and to get inspired by commercial real estate.

Capstone Realty Advisors’ Pinterest Page

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