The Virtual Reality of Real Estate

Competition is a keen reality for many careers, and is particularly so for real estate. Essentially, real estate is a sales-driven career at heart. How does a broker or a real estate firm establish prominence in the real estate market? Well, persistence, psychological insight, and a knowledge of the market are all definite must-haves. However, to rise above the competition, real estate firms need to be innovative as well. This means coming up with ways to stand out from the crowd, and to use technology in effective and creative ways.

The storefronts of real estate firms are typically peppered with paper listings. However, with the recent advent of LOH vision, a form of “touchscreen technology,” some real estate firms in NYC are transforming the way that they market their listings. These touchscreens give people a more immersive experience of the properties, by allowing them to engage with the digitalized listings. At $599 per month, with a one-time installation fee of $199, LOH vision stands as a pricey service, but it delivers undeniable advantages. It could be just the marketing ploy that grabs the eye of passersby on the NYC streets. Article

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