Finding the Real Estate Broker Who’s Right for You

When selecting a real estate broker, a number of factors should be taken into consideration. How should you filter through the brokers who are simply all talk, in order to find that one broker who will follow through with action by providing top-notch, quality service? The answer is to interview real estate brokers in order to determine who would make the best possible fit.

What attributes should you look for in the candidates who you interview? In The New York Times, Vivian S. Toy states, “A good broker can help you make sound decisions and guide you through what might easily be the most expensive and emotionally charged transaction of your life. So, how to weed out brokers who can’t stop talking about themselves, or who can’t tear their eyes from their BlackBerrys long enough to answer a question, and perhaps more important, know shockingly little about their listings or the market?” The following article goes into detail about the crucial characteristics you should expect from your broker, in order to gain that cutting-edge advantage in the real estate market.


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